Red Wine

A Layman's knowledge of red wine



I don’t like wine, even any alcoholic drinks. But this won’t stop me to learn the knowledge of wine, and share what I have known about it.

What to buy

Dry wines are normally more expensive among the same range of wine products. My wife told me that some Chinese upstart (or nouveau riche) in a Five-star Restaurant bar in Shanghai often buy more expensive red wine, and add sugar to the wine cup when they drink it. They don’t know dry red wine are red wines that have a dry level of sugar, typically below 1 gram per liter. As other alcoholic drinks, the modifier “dry” in dry wine means that the natural sugar has been fermented out, which is the process of yeast eating sugar. When the yeast eats the sugar, the byproduct is Carbon Dioxide, heat and alcohol. In this sense, dry simply means “not sweet”.

How to drink

There is another scene you may enjoy or despise to see in a bar. These new rich people put an act of snobbery nobles when they drink the wine.

Recently, I read a free reader’s club book, Accidentally Pregnant, Conveniently Wed by Sharon Kendrick. Published by Mills & Boon.

The main character is Aisling who is a headhunter, and worked for an Italian billionaire Gianluca Palladio. Gianluca  invited Aisling to his countryside vineyard to attend the party.

Here is what Gianluca were talking with Aisling about the best way to drink wine:

“You know how to drink it — to best enjoy it? No? Then I shall show you. First, we look at it.” Gianluca held his wine up, swirling the claret-coloured liquid around the bowl of the glass, so that it left sticky little trickles running down the side. “See its beauty? Like the richest rubies, si?”


He shot her a look before briefly lowering his nose to inhale deeply, his dark lashes arcing downwards to shield the dancing dark light in his eyes. “And then we breathe it in. We inhale its bouquet. We engage the senses before at last we feel it on our tongue to taste it, and then , at last, we savour it.” His eyes captured hers over the rim of the glass before taking a slow mouthful of the dark red wine and moving it around his mouth in a gesture which was sheer eroticism.

Red wine and beautiful girl! You may learn something from Gianluca, so you can use it to seduce a girl in the pub. We can see that this is an international and cross-cultural phenomenon, what a newly rich mi(bi)llionair puts on show are similar:

hold the wine up and look at it, swirl the glass, then sniff it and inhale deeply, at last taste an savour. Even if one couldn’t tell any difference, he will make a comment politely, “It’s very dry!”


Some REAL celebrities know more than NOUVEAU RICHES do, they pour red wine from the wine bottle to a decanter, then from the decanter to a wine cup and drink it. Why do celebrities decant wine before drink?

Decantation is a process for the separation of mixtures, carefully pouring a solution from a container in order to leave the precipitate sediments in the bottom of the original container. Decanters [1]have been used for serving wines that are laden with sediments in the original bottle. These sediments could be the result of a very old wine or one that was not filtered or clarified during the winemaking process. In most modern winemaking, the need to decant for this purpose has been significantly reduced to where not as many wines produce a significant amount of sediment as they age. Because there are no or very little sediment in the modern wine bottle which are mass-manufactured in the wine factory. Then they turn to some mysterious functions of wine decanting, that is to aerate it, or allow it to “breathe”. The decanter is meant to mimic the effects of swirling the wine glass to stimulate the movement of molecules in the wine to trigger the release of more aroma compounds. claiming that the prolonged exposure to oxygen actually diffuses and dissipates more aroma compounds than it stimulates, in contrast to the effects of the smaller scale exposure and immediate release that swirling the wine in a drinker’s glass has.decanting merely alters the perception of sulfites and other chemical compounds in the wine through oxidation, which can give some drinkers the sense of softer tannins in the wine.



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