ODE.2 Counseling

The Third Decade, or that of the Little Child



The young king tells of his difficulties and incompetencies; asks for counsel to keep him to copy the example of his father; states how he meant to do so; and concludes with an appeal or prayer to his father.

I take counsel at the beginning of my (rule), 
How I can follow (the example of) my shrined father. 
Ah! far-reaching (were his plans), 
And I am not yet able to carry them out. 
However I endeavour to reach to them, 
My continuation of them will still be all-deflected. 
I am a little child, 
Unequal to the many difficulties of the state. 
Having taken his place, 
(I will look for him) to go up and come down in the court, 
To ascend and descend in the house. 
Admirable art thou, 
O great Father, 
(Condescend) to preserve and enlighten me.