Do we really need a wrist watch to keep time?

The History and future of Clock Industry

Luxury wrist watch may be still for sell for a long time, but the only way can clock industry survive in the electronic age is adapting itself, combining a wrist watch with a smart phone.


Xiang Tuo

Why does the Sun or Moon look bigger near horizon?

Xiang Tuo, a much younger contemporary of Confucius (c. 551-479 BCE), was able to instruct the Master at age 7.

Chinese Child Prodigies

Chinese precocious youth in History

Xiang Tuo Xiang Tuo was a much younger contemporary of Confucius (c. 551-479 BCE), who at age 7 was able to instruct the Master. One day, Xiang Tuo was arguing with another child. Confucius asked them what’s about. One child thought that the sun is nearer to us at daybreak and far away from us […]

FMS Quick Start Guide

Freenet Messaging System

FMS allows Freenet users to anonymously and securely send text messages in a spam resilient environment. Messages inserted in Freenet are signed by the author, ensuring the validity of the message and preventing any tampering. FMS mitigates spam by allowing each identity to rate other users of the system and allowing that identity to share those ratings with others. Messages posted with FMS may be read via a web interface in a forum like fashion, or through a properly configured newsreader in a usenet like fashion. FMS provides a web interface for configuration and administration purposes.

Dyslexia: Photographical or phonological processing

The brain system underlying language analysis

Dyslexia in different language may have totally different cause, English, French and Italian dyslexics may be caused by phonemic analysis, while Chinese, Japanese dyslexics by photographic memory and analysis.

The Legend of Robin Hood

The Legend of Robin Hood, England’s most daring and loved outlaw, emerged from the mists of history almost eight hundred years ago. Stories about robin first appeared in ancient ballads and poems. They told how Robin and his merry Men of Sherwood Forest fought for justice against tyrants, and stole from the rich to help the […]

Chinese Medial Sound


Medials (介音) are very important in Chinese, there are three medials, namely i, u, ü. Pioneers of Sinology seem to rely heavily upon their own language intuitions while treating these sounds. This short note concerns the most important medial i, which was transcribed as ë in the translation of Peking Gazette, one of the court news bulletin in late Qīng dynasty.

The return of Second Sun

Planet X

Many people are talking about the returns of the Second Sun, or so called the planet X. In ancient Chinese books, many records of two or more suns appeared on the sky, the story Divine Archer Yi shot off Ten Sun might be not just a fanatic myth.

Discovery of Oil Painting

Before the great discovery of oil painting, the painters worked in “tempera,” or distemper. The discovery of oil painting was due to the genius of two brothers, Hubert and John Van Eyck.

P’u Song-ling and Liao Zhai Zhi Yi

P'u Song-ling and his "the Strange Stories from Chinese Studio"

P’u Sung-ling (蒲松龄 June 5, 1640—February 25, 1715) was a Chinese author who wrote “the Strange Stories from Chinese Studio during(聊斋志异)” in the Qing Dynasty.